April 2023 marks 90 years of the Groves Hospital Volunteer Association and 

$4.3 MILLION to date in donations to Groves Memorial Community Hospital!

Please click through the posts below, where you can learn more about "GHVA Milestones," "GHVA Then and Now," "GHVA Check Ceremonies," "Volunteer Appreciation," and "Volunteers in Action."

On Monday, April 17, 2023, we celebrated this occasion with a Volunteer Appreciation event for the folks who volunteer with us! Our sincere thanks to our volunteers, donors, and customers who have made this milestone possible!

MISSION: Groves Hospital Volunteer Association supports Groves Memorial Community Hospital through its volunteer programs and services.

VISION: Excellence in service through volunteerism.

VALUES: Compassion; Commitment; Cooperation; Competence; Confidentiality.

🔊Take a listen to our Director at Large, Ann Ironside, interviewed on the Grand 101.1 Swap Talk, as she gives you the rundown on GHVA 101. The interview took place on January 3, 2023.

The Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA) volunteers have been actively assisting Groves Memorial Community Hospital with providing the best patient care since 1933.

Each individual brings their unique life experiences and skills to the work of the Association.  Every member is valued and recognized for the contribution they make to the hospital, working to enrich the lives of others in our community in countless ways.

Currently, we have 173 active members supporting GHVA. 

In 2022 alone, our volunteers contributed 18,400 hours towards meeting our goals; making this a truly local community charity organization. Thank you to all our volunteers for their dedication and contribution to GHVA in 2022 and over the years. We could not do it without you.