New Construction and 

Rebuild of the New to You Store

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Open for Business, as usual! Construction on our site will commence at the beginning of May. We are making all the necessary changes to ensure the safety of our customers, donators, volunteers, and staff. We thank you for your patience and continued support of the Groves Hospital Volunteer Association. Safety is our #1 priority: Clear signage, and widening of the existing driveway.  Separate and contained divider for construction vehicles. Flag person, whenever required. You can continue to shop Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm, and donate Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 3 pm.

Notice: Parking Lot Traffic Update

Go clockwise!

Thank you for helping us maintain a smooth flow of traffic during construction.

Whether you're stopping by to shop or making a donation, please follow the clockwise loop around our parking lot. This simple change will help us avoid congestion and ensure a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Read the Media Release about the construction plan for the New to You store:

Rough design of the new New to You store
Design sketch of the stacked townhouses to be build on the back of the New to You site

In August, we ran a Q+A campaign where we asked people our community on social media and through emails to send us their questions in response to the proposed construction on the New to You site, discussed in the Media Release. See the questions and answers below. If you have any questions today, you can email

New to You Thrift Store New Construction Q+A

Q: Why the need to develop the property further than what it is today?

A: We have outgrown the capacity of the current store and a new larger store will meet our needs for the future. 

Q: Why not sell the back property and just remodel the present shop?

A: This is exactly what we are doing, selling the property and using the proceeds to develop the new store. An expansion of the current store would likely cost as much as the new one when you take the repairs into consideration.

Q: Will the NTY shop be open during this construction?

A: It has been very clear from the outset of our discussions that business continuity of the store is critical. While there will be some inconvenience we hope to keep this to a minimum. We are requesting patience and continued support from our customers and donors. 


Q: Will there be a separate road access from highway 6 for construction traffic? One area which has been a bone of contention has been the entrance into the property, which is only from Highway 6.  With all this construction and after with flow of traffic it would be wise to approach the Township for a set of lights or other alternative. 

A: The developer of the back lot will be addressing traffic impact of this with the Township and Ministry of Transport (MTO).  A Transportation Impact Study has been completed by the developer and is currently being review by the Township and MTO.           We will ensure safe entrance and exit to the property.

Q: Will all the unsightly outside storage trailers and sheds be replaced?

A: Yes, there will be enough space in the new building to allow for adequate Warehousing. 

Q: Will the Fry Shack remain open?

A: It will be operational during construction and after with least disruption as we can manage. It is closed from October to April anyway for winter. 

Updated January 15, 2024

Q: When will the new build begin?

A: Tentatively in the second half of 2024.  This is subject to completion of the detailed planning and subsequent approval of the plans by the Township.

Q: How do we deal with the ground-level difference?

A: This is under active discussion.   It may be necessary to raise the ground level on our site.

Q: What will happen about the driveway congestion?

A:  The new entrance drive will be two lanes which will make driving in and out much easier.  Unfortunately, addressing access onto Highway 6 is beyond our control.  In addition, the new build across Highway 6 will have to create left turn lanes and sidewalks.

 Q: Highway 6 expected increased traffic volume due to construction, residential, etc. in and out of our property? 

A:  This is an issue the MTO will need to review for a possible solution.

 Q: Will the new store be bigger?

A: The new store will be approximately twice the size of the existing store.