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Stay up to date with all the latest happenings at the GHVA. Here, you'll find a collection of news articles, interviews, and advertisements featuring the GHVA, New to You, and Gift Shop, sourced from reputable local publications and media outlets.

We're proud to have garnered attention from esteemed publications like the Wellington Advertiser and news platforms like FergusEloraToday. Our community involvement and dedication to serving the Groves Memorial Community Hospital have been highlighted in various articles and interviews. Tune in to the Grand 101.1 radio station, where you may have caught our exciting interviews and engaging ads, spreading the word about the GHVA and New to You store.

Thank you to all the media outlets for their ongoing support and for helping us share our mission with the community. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our dedication to the hospital and the incredible work of our volunteers. Stay tuned for the latest updates, news, and media coverage as we continue to make a positive impact in our community! If you have any questions or would like to submit a news article for consideration, please contact us.

Note: The articles listed here are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the GHVA or New to You store. We hope you enjoy exploring the GHVA News and Archives. Happy reading!

April 15, 2024

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association makes biggest pledge donation to Groves Hospital at $200,000

 In celebration of National Volunteer Week, the Groves Hospital Volunteer Association made its largest pledge payment to date—$200,000! We are proud to be working towards our $1 million pledge to Groves Hospital, with just over $379,000 left to reach our goal. A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers, loyal customers, generous donators, and incredible supporters for making this impact possible. 

These funds will support Groves Memorial Community Hospital with essential equipment, including: Ventilator with BiPAP capabilities, High-flow air system, Panda warmer for obstetrics, General surgical instruments for the OR, Cardiac monitors, and Laparoscopic instrument set for surgical services

April 10, 2024

GHVA volunteers at New to You featured in the Wellington Advertiser

"New to You thrift shop volunteers making a difference since 1953," written by Lorie Black

"In 1953, The Hospital Auxiliary, now known as Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA), opened their Opportunity Shop on Tower Street, just north of St. Andrew St. 

GHVA volunteer historian Jude Dowling said that there have been several locations of “The Op Shop” (renamed New to You in 2011), including the former police station, and a location on St. Andrew Street “that burned down in 1973. 

“The New to You in the old police station closed on the 13th of September in 2014, and there was a week in between the closing of one and the opening of the current one,” Dowling said.

“The volunteers did a lot of the upgrades inside the new building..." You can read the rest of the article here.

April 10, 2024

GHVA volunteers at Groves Hospital featured in the Wellington Advertiser

"Groves hospital volunteer association has history of generosity," written by Lorie Black

"The Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA) has a remarkable history of generosity. Originally called “Hospital Aid” when the organization formed in 1933, the GHVA has made an impact on the well-being our community that would be hard to measure. 

In the early years, items like a ringer washing machine, obstetrical table, a refrigerator for blood storage, and a library cart were donated. Now, over $4 million has been donated to fund the purchase of a CT scanner, to help build the new Groves Memorial Community Hospital and to fund other needs. 

Dedicated volunteers have been and continue to be the backbone of GMCH..." You can read the rest of the article here.

April, 2024

Stylish Spring Soiree and Fashion Show for Groves Hospital Featured on the Grand 101.1

🔊 Take a listen to this radio ad featured on The Grand 101.1, highlighting New to  You thrift store and all the ways community can support. Read by GHVA volunteers.

GHVA - Fashion Show.mp3

April, 2024

GHVA Volunteer Appreciation Week Thank You Featured on the Grand 101.1

🔊 Take a listen to this radio ad featured on The Grand 101.1, wishing a heartfelt thank you to the incredible volunteers that make up the Groves Hospital Volunteer Association. This was played on The Grand to celebrate  Volunteer Appreciation Week 2024. 

GHVA - Volunteer Appreciation Week.mp3

March, 2024

New to You Ad Featured on the Grand 101.1

🔊 Take a listen to this radio ad featured on The Grand 101.1, highlighting New to  You thrift store and all the ways community can support. Read by GHVA volunteers.

GHVA - Conversation New to You.mp3

August, 2023

Call for Volunteers Ad Featured on the Grand 101.1

🔊Listen to the first of two radio ads, read by GHVA volunteer Terri Arora:

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association - Volunteer Hero August 2023.mp3

August, 2023

Update on Construction and New Measures at the New to You store, Featured on the Grand 101.1

🔊Listen to the second of two radio ads, read by GHVA volunteer Debbie Roberts:

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association - New To You Construction.mp3

June 28, 2023

GHVA Annual General Meeting report

GHVA hosted its AGM on June 28, 2023.

The Groves Hospital Volunteer Association celebrated it's 90th anniversary. The Groves Memorial Community Hospital Foundation celebrated it's 20th anniversary.

You can read the report here.

June, 2023

GHVA awards $5,000 in student bursaries towards the Post-secondary Healthcare Award

We are proud to announce that 5 outstanding students have been selected for this prestigious bursary.  This year, we awarded a total of $5,000 in bursaries, with each recipient receiving $1,000 to aid them in their academic journey. We believe in investing in the future of healthcare, and these students have proven their commitment to making a difference.

View the whole post here.

April 19, 2023

GHVA volunteer, Amanda Farmaha, interviewed in the Wellington Advertiser for Volunteer Appreciation Week

"‘Just try it out’: Amanda Farmaha says volunteering provides sense of purpose," written by Chris Zimmerman

"Among the many volunteers in Wellington County, there are those who go beyond the call of duty to make a significant difference in others’ lives.

Amanda Farmaha of Fergus has been actively involved with the New to You second hand store and Groves Memorial Community Hospital’s ER department since March and August of 2022, respectively. 

Though challenging, Farmaha manages to volunteer while completing her honours degree in psychology at Western University..." You can read the rest of the article here.

April, 2023

GHVA Celebrates 90th Anniversary with "Thank you" Featured on the Grand 101.1

🔊Listen to the first of two radio ads, read by GHVA president Howard Dobson:

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association - 90th Anniversary spot 1.mp3

April, 2023

GHVA Annouces donation of $90,000 for 90th Anniversary on the Grand 101.1

🔊Listen to the second of two radio ads, read by GHVA president Howard Dobson

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association - 90th Anniversary spot 2.mp3

February, 2023

GHVA Request for Donations on the Grand 101.1

🔊Listen to a radio ad run on the Grand 101.1 requesting donations for New to You Fergus and outlining the impact of these donations on Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

Groves Hospital Volunteers - Donations Feb 2023.mp3

January 3, 2023

GHVA Director At Large, Ann Ironside interviewed on the Grand 101.1

🔊Take a listen to our Director at Large, Ann Ironside, interviewed on the Grand 101.1 Swap Talk, as she gives you the rundown on GHVA 101. 

December, 2022

GHVA Merry Christmas and Call for Volunteers on the Grand 101.1

🔊Listen to a radio ad run on the Grand 101.1 seeking volunteers to participate in GHVA programming at the hospital, New to You, and the Gift Shop.

Groves Hospital Volunteers Association - Call For Volunteers.mp3

August 9, 2022

GHVA president, Howard Dobson, interviewed in the Wellington Advertiser about New to You rebuild and housing construction

"Hospital volunteer association planning land sale to developer," written by Jordan Snobelen.

"The Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA) is hoping Centre Wellington staff and councillors favour a zoning bylaw amendment that will allow for a residential development on the land behind the association’s New To You store.

New To You was first opened in 1933 to support Groves Memorial Community Hospital, relocating twice before opening the doors to a steady flow of donations at its present location around eight years ago.

Everything from clothing to boardgames are sold at the store, with all revenue – once overhead and wages are covered for some staff – going toward the Groves Hospital Foundation to support the hospital’s equipment wishlist..." You can read the rest of the article here.

August 9, 2022

Article on Elora Fergus Today about the new construction proposed on the New to You site

"112 stacked townhouses proposed for New To You property," written by Keegan Kozolanka

"A zoning bylaw amendment application hopes to clear the way for a 112-unit stacked townhouse development on the property that includes the New To You store on St. David St. N.

The proposed development also includes a brand new version of the New To You store to be built on the property at 950-960 St. David St. N.

“The intent is to develop an active, pedestrian-friendly mixed-use area that is conveniently located on a main thoroughfare in the Fergus settlement area while contributing to a greater range of housing choices,” states a planning justification report..." You can read the rest of the article here.

August 2, 2022

Joint Media Release with Reid's Heritage Home about plans for residential construction and a new New to You store

"GHVA (Groves Hospital Volunteer Association) are very excited to share our plans for a new "New To You (NTY)" Thrift Store facing HWY 6, 9950 St. David Street, Fergus adjacent to our current building which will be demolished after the new building is complete. We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Reid's Heritage Homes of Cambridge who have purchased the land behind our current NTY store and are proposing to develop a new future residential community in Fergus. Reid's Heritage Home is excited to be able to support GHVA and Groves Memorial Hospital in their future plans for the NTY store and other community initiatives. ..." You can read the media release and Q&A here.

June, 2022

GHVA Awards six CWDHS students the Post-secondary Healthcare Award

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association is committed to providing financial assistance to eligible Grade 12 students at participating schools continuing post-secondary education in the healthcare field and are residents of the service area of Groves Memorial Community Hospital. Currently, bursaries are awarded to a maximum of six (6)  students annually.  The eligible recipients will be announced by June 1 and will each receive $1,000.

View the whole post here.

April 15, 2021

Article highlights the impact of the pandemic on hospital volunteer programs in Wellington County during Volunteer Appreciation Week

"Volunteers are vital to local hospitals, and they’ve been missed this year," written by Joanne Shuttleworth

"Volunteer week would normally be a big deal at Louise Marshall Hospital, where the 30 to 50 citizens who give hours of their time to the hospital and its patients, are properly celebrated and appreciated.

For Evelyn Collins, acting president of Louise Marshall’s auxiliary, it’s been a most frustrating year as volunteer activities have been largely cancelled due to the pandemic.

But to be fair, much of what the auxiliary does would have been cancelled anyway because of the reconstruction/redevelopment project underway at the hospital.

The auxiliary runs the gift shop at the hospital, which generates about $10,000 a year to the hospital’s foundation...." You can read the rest of the article here.

September, 2018

Informational video about the GHVA discusses the legacy of the organization at the 85 year mark 

This seven-minute video discusses the operations and impact of the GHVA, as one of the largest donors to Groves Memorial Community Hospital. 

The video was created by the local production company, Tivoli Films.